NBA Player Agent

Deborah L. Crain has been approved to represent athletes in the National Basketball Association.

“When I was accepted into law school my father asked me what kind of law I was going to practice. I did not hesitate in responding that I wanted to represent athletes. I grew up around sports. It’s in my DNA. In high school, I was part of a state championship volleyball team. Being part of a team is like nothing else in this world. However, in spite of the fame and glory, athletes face real challenges, on and off the court. Athletes need representatives that will walk side by side with them and care about them. Athletes need more than someone who secures their contract only. My representation of athletes includes the passion for the game and the passion to ensure that they get what their skill and dedication to the sport entails. More importantly, I will be there with them before and after the contract is signed, making sure their needs are met every step of the way.”

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NBA Player Agent

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